Children Classes


Children's Spanish

We will teach conversational Spanish to children through game, play, and music. Come and learn about the cultures of Spanish speaking countries.

Classes: Parent and Toddler, Preschool age, Grade K-1, and Grade 2-5.

Time: Thur 11am, 4pm

Instructor: Gabby and Anna

Gymnastic and Tumbling

Introductory tumbling class that teaches children gymnastics fundamentals in a fun, engaging environment. Build coordination, strength, balance, motor skills, and self-confidence.

Ages: 4-8

Time: Thur 4pm

Instructor: Megan

Kids Martial Arts and Self Defense

We introduce martial arts to children in a safe and playful way. We want to foster teamwork and respect for others. Training includes Karate, Brazilian Jujitsu, self defense.

Brazilian Jujitsu. Recommended Age: 6-12.

Time: Tue 4pm

Martial Arts Fundamentals. Recommended Age: 6-12

Time: Sat 10am

Instructors: Gina and George

Story Time and Creative Play

Join us for reading of some of our favorite children's books. We add fun crafts, and imaginative play. Let's grow our love for reading. Entry free with play pass.

Parent and Toddler Yoga

Play, connect, and reawaken your inner child as you explore developmentally appropriate poses, animated breathing exercises, and soothing relaxation techniques. Laugher and love fill each class and it’s a great opportunity for bonding.

Age: Parent with sturdy walker to age 3.

Time: Sun 9am

Instructor: Erin

Preschool Yoga

Yoga for Preschoolers come to life with playful poses, animated breathing exercises, and imaginative relaxation techniques. We use music, crafts, picture books, and age appropriate props to spark the child’s inner yogini while enhancing language development, motor coordination, and play skills.

Time: Wed 11am

Instructor: Erin

Ballet/Tap Combo

This class introduces kids to ballet and tap. Traditional ballet and floor concepts will be introduced in the ballet portion.  Concepts such as basic rhythm patterns and tap vocabulary will be introduced in the tap portion. Leotard, tights, ballet shoes and tap shoes required.

Ages 3-5, 6-12

Time: Fri 10am, 4pm

Instructor: Taylor

Hip Hop/ Tumbling

This class introduces kids to hip hop dance concepts (popping, isolations, and waving) and tumbling skills (log rolls and summersaults). Students should wear comfortable clothes.

Ages 6-12.

Time: Wed 4pm

Instructors: Taylor and Gina


Adult Classes


Parents HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

A High Intensity Interval Training will focus on short challenging bursts of activity followed by a brief rest period. This cardiovascular workout will challenge your fitness level and burn more calories. All levels welcome.

Time: Sat 11am

Instructor: Judy

Strength & Stretch

A total body sculpting experience modifiable for every body and every ability. Get warm and open with a combination of yoga and Pilates-inspired corework. 

Time: Wed 10am

Instructor: Erin

Yoga for Stressed Parents

You nurture everyone in your sphere all day long, but who nurtures you?  This is your place to carve an hour out of your week to be quiet, shed judgment and expectations and find yourself. Yoga for the Stressed-Out Parent is designed to help you find your breath. This hatha class is for all levels adults. Bring your tight hamstrings and old injuries. Be prepared to breathe, realign your body, and leave feeling loved and restored.

Time: Thur 10am

Instructor: Moki


A low impact energizing class that sculpts and tones the entire body. This class combines ballet Barre and Pilates to balance the body to build stamina, increase flexibility, and improve posture. All levels are welcome.

Time: Sat 11am

Instructors: Judy

Parents Fitness and boxing

We will teach self defense techniques with emphasis on having fun and a good workout in a relaxed and casual setting. We mix in conditioning, strength training, and boxing/kickboxing for a great workout. All levels welcome. Boxing gloves (8 oz. or heavier) required. 

Time: Tue 10am

Instructors: Gina and George


Special Events


Disaster Preparedness

Little steps to prepare for the big one. The Cascadian Subduction Zone earthquake is predicted to strike the Northwest. Learn how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home for whatever might happen. We'll teach you what to plan for, how much food and water is needed, what important documents you should keep handy, how you can make your home safer, and how to care for children and pets and more.

Women and Teen Self Defense Seminar

This is a workshop that teaches psychological and physical self defense tactics for women and teens. It's a physical class that apply training techniques from different martial arts including Karate, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jujitsu. Come and learn self defense in a safe and fun setting. 


Wilderness First Aid and Survival

This course teaches kids life saving skills and techniques. The class learns about regional hazards such as poison oak, snakes, ticks. Focus is on prevention. This class is fun and active. Age 7-12.

Parenting Workshops

Keeping your cool when your child can’t: We all have tough days with some tougher than others! It’s human to lose your cool, but it’s possible to not only recover faster but also recognize it before it even happens. In this workshop, we explore mindset shifts to help you stay in control when dealing with difficult (or annoying) behavior. You will learn 7 areas of self-control to draw power from when you or your child are struggling to keep it together. Walk away feeling more confident in your parenting and more joy in every interaction!

Babysitting Class  

This class helps to prepare you to provide quality care to children of all ages. It helps you to learn about basic child care, bottle feeding, creating child appropriate activities, and safety. We base our  curriculum on the American Red Cross teaching model. Age 11+.

CPR/AED and First Aid

Come learn life saving skills including CPR, AED use, and basic first aid. The classes are active with focus on practicing hands on skills. We are a license training provider with the American Red Cross and offer BLS certification. Classes: Parents/Kids.